Awesome Music from Transformers Movie


So I was frustrated when I could not find the music I was looking for from the movie Transformers….at least, not the music I wanted! That’s right, if you are looking for the score or any of the background music, this is so not the place to find it! Go to Amazon for that stuff….So, here is a list I compiled of the songs I think people are looking for (mostly the one’s playing from Bumblebee’s radio, in order found in the movie):

    “Drive” by The Cars
    “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye
    “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown
    “Baby Come Back” by Player
    “Before It’s Too Late” by The Google Dolls (on soundtrack)

All of these songs are available on iTunes, or I have linked to an album on Amazon if you would prefer!

If there are any more songs I should add….lemme know! 🙂 I love this movie!!!!



12 thoughts on “Awesome Music from Transformers Movie

  1. Paula-
    Whats the song that plays when Bumblebee changes from the 76 Camaro to the 2009 Camaro, in the tunnel right after dumping the two kids out of the car after she asks why he transforms “back into this piece of crap?” Its plays right as he pulls back up to them. Thanks.

  2. Paula, I was so happy to find your site. I hope you can help. I’m one of those people that seems to love the background music that I can never find. I know all of the songs in the Transformer Movie, but the music that I really want to find is the music(without lyrics) that plays, for instance when Optimus Prime, at the beginning of the movie is telling the story of the Cube, and during part of the Qutar scenes. On the DVD it’s also the music that plays at the beginning when you can choose to play the movie, or scene selection. I know this may not be easy, but at least thanks for trying. Kenna

  3. Karl – thank you for the tomoyasu hotei tip – my six year old has been bugging me to find that song since we got the dvd. i will be heroic once again!

  4. thanks for these songs, and, someone know what is the song when the “police car” starts to chase Bumblebee at the first scene ? (when the robot question if is him the Ladiesman217)

    thks for reading, if I encounter the name of any song more from the movie Ill write them here.


  5. The Song where Barricade (the police car) chases Bumblebee (the camero) is called “Pretty Handsome Awkward” by The Used. Its a good one.

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