iTunes Movies

So I have to admit that I am one of those people who owns a quite literal ton of movies…. Every disney movie ever made (try not to hold it against me), a variety of cheesy 80’s movies (Flight of the Navigator, 16 Candles, Goonies) and of course all the fun SciFi tv shows that are no longer on tv.  From Buffy to Stargate to Roswell to Firefly…I’ve got them all!  So here is the thing: it costs a ton to buy these movies, and it is a PITA to recycle all of the cases, so I have been looking into downloading movies on iTunes and buying an Apple TV.  The cost will eventually be recouped, but in addition to that you have to buy a widescreen’s just nuts, and now they are talking about going to bluray –oh yippee.  *insert dramatic sigh*

Seriously?  I know that I will end up purchasing a widescreen TV…it’s kind of inevitable unfortunately. 😦  I suppose I just have to stop whining and move on, but right now I needed to get this out so I can move on to making a decision on this….any input/feedback/advice will of course be appreciated!

Later taters


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