Bailout Failure

Ok, so this will be short and sweet….Seriously?  Did the Republicans REALLY not vote on something just because their feelings were hurt?  Ok..if this is how we do business in the US, then I think I have every right to be concerned about the future of this country.  All of you in the Senate and House deserve to be replaced – you are all pathetic and have failed at your job.  This is NOT to say that I agree with the idea of the Bailout.  I don’t think I do actually, however, I don’t honestly know because I think there are probably a lot of financial things involved with it that I can not even begin to necessarily understand.

Whatever.  Get over the political bullshit and do your jobs.  You are all pathetic on a level I can not even begin to go into…I don’t know what the solution is, but you know what?  That’s ok!  It’s not my job to know.  It is YOUR job to figure it out.

One thought on “Bailout Failure

  1. Paula,

    You are killing me with this blog! Keep going girl. You’re on a roll. I just don’t understand how anyone can vote for McCain with a chance that this chick could be our President. YIKES!!

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