Palin – Could not handle Gibson, Couric…can she really handle the world?

Holy Mary…I feel like I need to start praying more than usual.  If you have ever read anything on my blog before, you know I am not a Palin fan…but wow.  She’s gotten to the point of embarrassment with some of her answers given in two interviews – two of the three she has given (pathetic in and of itself).

Katie Couric?  Gibson?  Ok, so as a person who wants to be a possible Commander in Chief of the USA…she can’t even handle answering pathetic questions like these?  She’s been to Canada!  Mexico! OOOooOO!  I’ve been to more places than she has. Please.  She is near Russia!  Even better!  Come on…

A person who can’t handle interviews from two of the least intimidating anchors on TV is not the person that I would ever put in a position to take over command of the US.  I read an article that said she had a 1/5 chance of becoming President due to McCain’s age and health…YIKES.

YOU CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM ALASKA – This is NOT a basis of International experience woman.  Get a life.

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