Has it really been that long?

So I did not realize it had been as long as it had…WOW so much has changed in my life since I last posted (erm couple years ago…that’s bad).

SO I moved from Michigan to St. Louis and then to Atlanta in the last three years.

For me, St. Louis was well..not a happy place :(. I think it’s great for those who grew up there, but I had a hard time fitting in…although I did meet a couple of people who I will always be happy I met 🙂 I was there about 18 months, working on some pretty cool digital projects – none of which I will go into…

I’ve been in Atlanta for just over a year now, and I am LOVING IT! I have made a promise to myself to blog more, now that I am in a happy place 🙂 so that I will do!

I hike every weekend and hang out with good people, I play softball on Tuesdays in the park by my apartment, and have actually found a church! All pretty exciting stuff…

So stay tuned if you’d like! I am going to blog about every day insanity of my life managing a team of fun people I adore, as well as my profession (digital world o happiness), and just general bloggyness!

🙂 Stay True!

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