Weakness: Anything Jane Austen

When I say anything I really mean it.  I am currently watching a movie called Lost in Austen.  It’s truly fabulous and acts out something I’ve always dreamed – to be able to swap places from my reality with Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (of course) and to have Mr. Darcy fall madly, deeply in love with me! Sigh.  Obv never going to happen, but a girl can dream – and this movie does a great job of living it the way it would probably  happen to me (minus the really tiny flat in London and lovely accent as well as the messy parts in the middle. It is MY fantasy, after all). For your viewing pleasure – here is chapter 1 🙂

Having loved being lost in Jane Austen for most of my life, I hope that many of you will enjoy as I do!  I promise to write of more…the next JA movie I plan on watching is Persuasion 🙂


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