Jury Duty

Ok, so this week I had my very first calling to be on a jury – the dreaded Jury Summons.  Man, when I got that letter in the mail I was sooo annoyed.  I’ve only lived in Georgia for a year!  LITERALLY!!!  How could I possibly be called.  But no there has been no mistake, it was my turn. Sigh.

Me being me, I stress out the night before about how I am going to get there…how long it is going to TAKE me to get there, and if I am going to meet a new guy 🙂 So I get up early in the morning (6am) so I have time to wake up and doll up (ha). I leave my place at 7am so I have time to park at work and take the marta to the court house.  What I forgot: oh yeah, the weather….pouring rain. Fabulous! Did I wear appropriate shoes? Of course not, why would I do that…so I am walking to the marta station, thankfully with an umbrella…unthankfully in a full length skirt of a great dress I own in fabric flats that are getting SOAKED.

Getting on the marta is never really stressful unless there are gads of people, like after a braves game.  Having said that, getting off the marta and TO where I need to be is always a little dicey. Especially at 7am in the middle of downtown in the pouring rain when you’ve never been there before and have no real idea where you need to go accept what the little blue paper tells you. In tiny print. On the back of the paper. Yay.

So I get off at Five Points and begin making my way to where it tells me to go – Peachtree Street. Fine…that one I know. Problem? You get outside and it is sort of terrifying to realize (in the pouring rain) that you don’t know where MLK is…even though the paper tells you to go “right”. That’s helpful, accept when you are me and sometimes you can’t tell which way that is….so I start going down the wrong street which is flooded, and a gust of wind chooses that moment to welcome me to that particular part of downtown by ripping my umbrella out of my hands.  So there I am getting more upset, and soaked, chasing my umbrella down the street at 730am.

Finally, I get help from a phone booth, which gratefully stopped my umbrella and it’s merry run down the street…and I realize, oh hey! Look where I am – MLK. No idea how I got there. Lovely.

I’m going to skip the rather irritating part of me obtaining breakfast at the “cash only” cafeteria. I find it tedious…When we are all gathered upstairs for our “training” (30 min video) where we listen to Sandra Day O’Connor and Samuel Alito tell us how great jury duty service is, and why we should all be proud to serve (yada yada)…I start becoming strangely excited about the prospect of serving.  Forgetting all of my worries about it going over into my vacation, or the important presentation I have next week….and I settle in for some serious Netflix watching and blackberry answering for a few hours. Turns out to be 4 – til 11:45 when they call my name and tell me to be back there by 1245, and then dismiss the other half. Great!

Go get lunch – get mocked by a fellow juror for my Subway vegan sub…always a good time, and head back. Now, in my brain, I assumed them wanting me to be back by 1245 meant I would be called soon thereafter for something. Right? Wrong…3 hours later they call my name. 345pm. By this time I’m just annoyed – I would rather be at work being productive, instead I’m working on my tiny 10 inch netbook screen with my blackberry and sporadically watching Star Trek to pass the time.

FIFTY of us make our way upstairs to wait another 30 minutes for the security dude to organize us into groups of 14 and then 30 minutes of probably the best part of the day – meeting the HILARIOUS judge. Thank God for that woman.

As we’re going through the questions, the people around me are telling me I am going to get picked…I’m thinking I am going to, and it is now 6pm. When she calls us in and says – I won’t be able to get you out of here at 630 like I promised, so you have a decsion to make as a team – do I keep you til 7 or do I ask you to all come back tomorrow.  Seriously? Is that even a decision – yes, we stayed.  At 715pm I found out I did not get chosen. REJOICE. Be Glad.

11 hours and 45 minutes at the court house for doing nothing wrong but registering to vote in Fulton County. Go me.  In fact, it affected me so badly I could not write about it right away…I’m still in recovery. Please God let it be a few years before I am called again.

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