Michele Bachmann…or is it Sarah Palin?

Maybe it’s just me, but Michelle Bachmann really is reminding me of Sarah Palin.  I’m just waiting for her to say she can see Canada from her backyard (in Minnesota).

Look, i know that Obama has disappointed many of us, me included. I’m not thrilled with his wishy washy views on same sex marriage, nor on his less than stellar implementation of a good idea in universal health care…i will never understand the need he and his administration had to push that through without really taking the time to sell it and to make sure it fit for the average American. Why is working together so hard?

So, does it make me happy that another woman is in the running for President? Absolutely.  Someday I hope there is one up for the position that I can fully support without having to caveat it to death (love ya Hillary, but…).  We can all have a dream!

I am sure I am not the first person to make this comparison, nor will I be the last, but as i sat here watching the evening news listening to her taut her titanium spine, I am left with a cold feeling. Heaven help us if one of these two get into office…I’m going to start stockpiling like my friend tells me I should 🙂

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