Vegan Food Happiness: Meatless “Meat” Spaghetti Sauce

One of my favorite meals since becoming a Vegan is Meatless “Meat” Spaghetti sauce with Linguine noodles.  It saves my life on a daily basis!

It’s fairly simple – take my favorite vegan marinara and add meatless meat crumbles (my favorite brand is Trader Joes).  Warm the crumbles and add italian seasoning to them as well as a little minced garlic – then add in 2 or 3 jars of the marinara (did I mention this makes a TON of food – which I end up freezing) and simmer for 30 or so minutes.  I also add 4 cups of fresh mushrooms.  I love mushrooms…my friend Heather can speak to that 🙂

Something else I have found – heating on the stove top instead of in the micro makes a huge taste difference…so I’ve taken to making only the noodles that I want for that meal.  Happy me!

One of two things I am having a hard time getting over now comes into play – Parmegiano Reggiano cheese.  Not a ton, but it makes such a difference in taste of pasta….someday I will hopefully find a substitute!!  Alas, today is NOT that day.

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