Random top 10: Fav Disney Animated Movies

Ok so if you know me at all, you know I am a HUGE Disney fan. I go when I can, worked there for a summer on internship (@WDW, not the other one)…watch the movies all the time, quote things you would never recognize (unless you were also a Disney freak), and have lithos and other pics hanging all of my apartment. Yes, I am one of “those” people. Don’t judge lest YOU be judged! I’m just sayin’, you probably have something in your closet too, I’m just more upfront about mine 🙂

Ok, so here we go. Please keep in mind, these are my favs, and probably won’t coordinate with many others. I’m special!

  1. Emperors New Groove – honestly, so many good lines…In fact I usually post this one to my friends facebook pages when it is their birthday!…and really, Kronk and Yzma? Awesome.
  2. Beauty and the Beast – my 13th year is when this came out – I spent it obsessing over this movie and watching and rewatching it on the only VHS player in the house, in my parents room. What’s not to love!
  3. The Aristocats – I love cats, I mean, everyone wants to be a cat…and I’ve always loved this movie. Should not be hard to connect the dots 🙂
  4. Aladdin – The genie. Enough said…my favorite part, that I quote frequently…and no one ever gets…
  5. The Sword and the Stone – I know this is an odd one, but I love this movie. Merlin cracks me up!
  6. Atlantis – For Mole alone I would love this movie, but the plot is interesting as well…although definitely not a big hit in the box office sad to say.
  7. Kung Fu Panda – Jack Black’s delivery of the lines in this movie made it fabulous. Couple that with a great story line, and voila! Perfection. Of course I get that damn song stuck in my head because of this movie, but it’s a trade off that is worth it to me!
  8. How to Train Your Dragon – One of the best recent Disney movies…of course it’s more a Pixar movie, but I’ll take it :).
  9. Mickey’s Christmas Carol – One of three movies I watch consistently every Christmas (others: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and The Muppet Christmas Carol). Check it out: Part 1, Part 2.
  10. Sleeping Beauty – My favorite of the “classics”…not a huge fan of Bambi or Dumbo, but this and Snow White are pretty good 🙂 I find the songs uplifting (for the most part)..my favorite.

That’s it! What are yours?

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