My favorite Vegan snacks

One of the hardest things about being Vegan is that people think you always have to be healthy….I KNOW this sounds funny, and you’re probably right, it is. But think about it. What’s the first thing people say to you when they find out you’re Vegan? Oh, so you only eat like veg and fruits? Le sigh. No, I eat much more than that…and I’m not *always* healthy (granted, about 98 percent of the time I am, but for those times I’m not…). So here is a list of *treats* that I let myself have – I try to limit my sweets to once or twice a week..

  1. Grapes – yup, COLD, freshly washed grapes. Seriously they kill almost any craving I have. It’s fabulous. If you like it really cold – freeze them. 🙂
  2. My all time favorite CHOCOLATE happy-place: simple, cheap, not horribly bad for you…Qbel Dark Chocolate Wafers (to die for in a pinch of chocolate need)
  3. Small bag of lays – yup lays. Vegan friendly and in no way healthy, they take care of that “afternoon snack at work” feeling I get. (p.s…I never used to like lays, they were boring, now I find them satisfying. Who knew.)
  4. Vegan Rice Cheddar Slices – they go great on crackers or rolled up with Tofurky and mustard 🙂
  5. Multi-grain bread with Strawberry preserves — heaven!
  6. Edamame – you can get it frozen at Trader Joes – awesome infusion of protein with a tiny bit of salt 🙂
  7. Vegan Twinkies – Strawberry and Cream “canoe boat” (confession – only had these once, but they made an impression 🙂 It helps that you have to have them shipped….harder to get 🙂 )

What about you? What kind of snacks do YOU like?

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