Change of plans…

SO i’ve been silent for a bit from a recipe stand point. Sorry about that. I’ve had to change how I eat for a variety of health reasons, so I’ll still post some vegan food but I’ll also have paleo and gluten free things that I post. I eat meat and I’m in a much better place with everything. I hope you all understand, but if you don’t and you decide to unfollow I totally understand. 🙂 Thanks…and now back to the recipes and fun.

Vegan Taco Bell

I have been a Vegan almost a year – it will be a year on my birthday which is just over a week away…and I have not had fast food in that entire time…well, I had a fry my second or third week, but it was terrible. So I don’t count it :). Anyway, I was in a major hurry yesterday after Spanish class and heading over to my friends and I decided to look up where I could get vegan fast food – and what pops up? Post upon post about Taco Bell..WTH?! How is that possible? I never thought that the beans would be vegan friendly! SO excited I can’t even tell you. Bean Burrity Fresco style with some hot sauce = a happy happy me.

Eat happy! 🙂

My favorite Vegan snacks

One of the hardest things about being Vegan is that people think you always have to be healthy….I KNOW this sounds funny, and you’re probably right, it is. But think about it. What’s the first thing people say to you when they find out you’re Vegan? Oh, so you only eat like veg and fruits? Le sigh. No, I eat much more than that…and I’m not *always* healthy (granted, about 98 percent of the time I am, but for those times I’m not…). So here is a list of *treats* that I let myself have – I try to limit my sweets to once or twice a week..

  1. Grapes – yup, COLD, freshly washed grapes. Seriously they kill almost any craving I have. It’s fabulous. If you like it really cold – freeze them. 🙂
  2. My all time favorite CHOCOLATE happy-place: simple, cheap, not horribly bad for you…Qbel Dark Chocolate Wafers (to die for in a pinch of chocolate need)
  3. Small bag of lays – yup lays. Vegan friendly and in no way healthy, they take care of that “afternoon snack at work” feeling I get. (p.s…I never used to like lays, they were boring, now I find them satisfying. Who knew.)
  4. Vegan Rice Cheddar Slices – they go great on crackers or rolled up with Tofurky and mustard 🙂
  5. Multi-grain bread with Strawberry preserves — heaven!
  6. Edamame – you can get it frozen at Trader Joes – awesome infusion of protein with a tiny bit of salt 🙂
  7. Vegan Twinkies – Strawberry and Cream “canoe boat” (confession – only had these once, but they made an impression 🙂 It helps that you have to have them shipped….harder to get 🙂 )

What about you? What kind of snacks do YOU like?

Daily LOL: Vegan Pie Chart

I am reposting this from One Green Planet – a fabulous place we should all visit often. It’s amazing to me on a daily basis what people assume I eat (Or don’t) just  because I am vegan. I am hoping the recipes that I post show I eat more than Grass, Granola and tofu 🙂  Enjoy!

So you want to be Vegan? Ok, well here’s a “starter” list!

Something a lot of my friends and family have asked for lately, and something I had a hard time finding when I started, is a “starter” list of what you need to know, or things that can help you when starting the Vegan journey! I hope you find it helpful…and if I am missing something you would find helpful, let me know – I’ll work on an answer! 🙂

Basics to have on hand:

  • Soy milk creamer: Whole Foods has a good selection.
  • Agave Nectar: BETTER THAN HONEY, but honey substitute 🙂
  • Milk: Soy milk, Almond milk and Rice milk are the best one’s. Almond is probably the best of the bunch, but I’m allergic to nuts 😦 so I usually use Soy instead. Hemp always leaves a funny taste in my mouth so I steer clear of it. Brand wise I stick with the Whole Foods brand, usually unsweetened.
  • Marshmallows: There are vegan marshmallows (thank goodness!). Whole foods carries them in the baking isle, and sometimes in the cold food isle where the tofu is (fresh marshmallow).
  • Egg Replacer: best kind is Ener-G, it is usually in the baking isle @ whole foods
  • Sour Cream & Cream Cheese: Tofutti makes a good one, so does Follow Your Heart.
  • Vegannaise: Mayo substitute that I’ve used in potato salad, and spreads for sandwiches. Good mayo substitute.
  • Butter: Earth Balance is the best. I like the Soy Garden, Original and Whipped (In that order)…They also make an awesome vegetable shortening that is Vegan. 🙂
  • Cheese: Daiya is the only kind I would recommend. I like it mostly IN things (like my nacho cheese, recipe below) and chili, etc..It melts really well and comes in the main types (mozzarella, pepper jack, cheddar). I use it sparingly on things like salads, but that’s just me 🙂

Good vegan pre made stuff…these are the things that get me through at work:

Things to be careful of and watch out for:

  • There are a lot of foods that have eggs and butter and you would never think about it. My list includes: some bread (including things like Naan), some pasta, guacamole pre made or at restaurants (has yogurt of sour cream frequently) and often “veggie” burgers (egg).
  • Just because it is “vegan” does not mean that it is HEALTHY. Sometimes, not so much….so be careful!
  • Honey and Sugar: For both of these, it depends on your view of what “vegan” is – neither sugar nor honey contain any animal products, but how they are made is what causes the “sticky” subject!
  • DON’T be afraid to ask questions about what is in food when you are at restaurants!!

Fast food:

  • Taco bell seven layer buritto, minus sour cream and cheese
  • Wally’s Subs has tofu that is fabulous on taco’s and burritos
  • Subway and Jimmy John’s veggie subs (JJ’s minus mayo/cheese – I add extra veg and guacamole)
  • Qdoba and chipotle – you can get veggie options at both

Blogs and such:

My favorite recipes:

Books and magazines: