Vegan Product Review: Goji Azelaic Serum

Second Product in Ann Webb’s arsenal that I have found that is fabulous! Her Goji Azelaic Serum is great – it gets rid of pimples like you would not believe, and makes my life very very happy! If you get break outs, this is a product you should think about trying! You can get it online or at Whole Foods 🙂

Vegan Product Review: DoshaCare

So this is my first what I am calling “product review” – this is for specific products, mostly non-food related, that I have tried and either loved or found wanting for whatever reason.

DoshaCare is a product I found thanks to Alicia Silverstone’s backing. The products are made with 98% natural and organic ingredients and have no phalates, parabens, or artificial colors or scents…and they are fabulous, if a little expensive.

I have notoriously finicky skin – I get cystic breakouts if I’m not careful or am stressed out, it’s really sensitive, and it is annoying! Knowing that, these are the products I tried from the line:

I found this to be a great cleanser – but it took some getting used to because it really doesn’t lather much at all…however, it is really very lovely and did a great job!

This is the “detoxifying elixer” I have to say – for the HIGH price of this, I found it did not do very much, or so I thought…when I started using it my skin was in bad shape…and this didn’t touch it. However, after several weeks, my skin did clear up (while I was not using this), and I gave it another try. FOR ME, this was a good preventative – it kept most of the blemishes from coming back.

The sunscreen lotion is supposed to be good for any skin. Well I don’t know about others, but it does a decent job on mine…as long as I am careful. I hike and work out a lot – if I put this on before I go, it does not always seep in enough and runs into my eyes when I sweat. Blah! However, it does moisturize very well during the winter months without causing my pores to clog, so that’s a bonus.


  • Overall, I really like the DoshaCare products, but for me they are a bit pricey for their size and how long they last. The three above, added together, cost about $124 +shipping. Ouch. It lasted about 3 months…Having said that, they have amazing qualities and got me good results.
  • I think I would tell people to try their “trial” sets, that they give you a quiz to see which fits you best, and see what you think! The trial sizes are affordable, and give you the whole line for about $44 +shipping…Give it a try and see what you think!

Remember: these opinions are just meant for my skin type and how they worked for me, I have no way of knowing how they will react on you with your skin type so please read carefully and see if there is anything you are allergic to in the ingredients!

Vegan Product Review: SKIN Lip & Eye balm

Possibly one of the greatest products I have found for my skin since going vegan: Coffee Berry Eye and Lip Balm by SKIN by Ann Webb! You use it on both your lips and your eyes, it’s a decent size (and costs about $12, you can get it online or at Whole Foods), but it does the job soo well. Heals my cracked lips, helps with dark circles under my eyes (thanks in part I am sure to the caffeine in it), and it helps soften some of the fine lines around my eyes. GO BUY SOME!!