Election 2008: McCain chose who?

Ok, so as an independent I am used to being confused by the politicians in Washington…let’s face it, they often make absolutely no sense and can rarely back up their reasons for why they do things to a standard that an 8th grade teacher would accept from a 14 year old.  But I digress….

So today was supposed to be a half day for me, because of the weekend, but I took off all of next week so I had not choice but to work most of the day to put everything together for next week. So, I get home and I turn on the news — to find out that John McCain has chosen some random governor of Alaska to be his running mate. Huh?

So I sit down to watch, and what I expected to happen happened – McCain supporters getting on TV to say their piece, and anchors who don’t know what to do with the responses given by McCain staffers.  Every single one of them said something to the effect that this woman, who has only been in the governors position 2 years, and before that was a mayor of a 8,000 strong city (?) in Alaska is going to be the next VP…possibly….this is the person that the 70 some year old McCain thinks I want to run things if he falls ill?  COME ON!  Up until now, I have honestly been going back and forth (more away then for McCain, granted).  As an independent I have voted for a variety of politicians between the two parties……..but I am so completely dumbfounded by this move that I don’t know what to do.

Negative(s):  She’s anti-abortion rights….not a thing in her favor for me.  I have no idea how she stands on gay rights.  Big oil she seems to have stuck it to, but she is for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife…   I am for gun rights, but not full freedom, and there was this pic of her with a rifle…I don’t like to see kids with guns, and it does bother me to see her with one, I hate to say that, but there it is (I have no explanation for it, maybe because I expect more of someone put in the position she is in? Meh..moving on!).  Oh yeah, she is embroiled in some kind of scandal that involves her ex brother in law and getting him fired?  I don’t know enough on that, but living in Detroit, I’m fed up with that kind of BS.

Positive(s): She is a woman.  I’m so glad to see a woman on the ticket, but with her views stated above, she’s not my kind of female politician.  Hillary was sort of, but not 100 percent.  What is her name?  I have to try to remember that….She has had service experience…She is a good public speaker.  Unfortunately, none of these are particularly astounding traits, her negatives so far far out weigh her positives.

Synopsis: Senator McCain – you have a lot of work to do to prove to me as a single 30 year old professional woman that you are going to do something for me when you get there.  I am now about 90 percent sure i am going to vote for Obama.  Your decision making capabilities have been called into question for me over the last 8 years many times, big.  Your “Bush” stance on Iraq is stupidity incarnate….your flip flopping makes me ill.  I wish you were the man that I voted for in 2000 when you ran for President.  If you were, there would be no contest, but you have changed during the Bush years – in fact if it was not for who you were in 2000 you would not even be in the running for my vote

I wish you would have stuck to your guns Senator McCain, I liked you better BB (Before Bush), when you had a backbone and a sense of what was right for this country.

Disappointed but resolute,


My Trip: Bend, Oregon

So I flew from my home to Bend to visit my cousin and his family two weeks ago….I never expected it to be an experience that I will not only never forget, but hope to enjoy again the near future.

From walking through lava fields and lava tubes, to hiking all over the Cascades (I only ended up making it 16 miles….must go back!) and spending time in a fantastic downtown — Bend is truly one of the most complete places I have ever visited. I can see why so many people are willing to uproot everything (and sometimes risk a lot too…) in order to spend the rest of their lives there. I may follow that lead…

Throughout the Cascades there are well marked Trail Heads, many of which lead around dozens of different lakes scattered around the mountains. Each lake is different, but each are beautiful, serene, amazingly quiet, and unique. The hikes around the lakes range from 1.5-12 miles (at least the ones I saw), and go from the very family-friendly and easy to moderately difficult, and everything in between. If you want really good maps and ideas of what to do and see when you go to Bend, visit the Visitor and Convention Bureau downtown. They have a complete array of maps and details of where to find whatever it is you are looking for, guaranteed, and like the rest of the town, the people are amazingly welcoming and nice!

This is a picture of the Deschutes River, which runs through downtown Bend from high up in the Cascades… I found it amazing just how far it ran, especially when I would be hiking around and would see it. Beautiful.

Deschutes River

The first place my cousin showed me was the Lava Field, and the Lava Tube. The lava pictured below flowed out the side of a mountain over 6,000 years ago!

Lava that flowed from the side of a mountain over 6,000 years ago…

This is from the inside of the lava tube. The tube keeps a relatively consistent temperature of 40 degrees. It is so dark that you have to either rent a lantern or take a flash light, but it is worth it and so cool! The lava tubes are formed when lava is flowing and the outside begins to cool while the inside keeps moving, eventually leaving behind an empty lava tube!

From inside the Lava Tube

The following are additional pictures from my journey:

The Cascade Mountain Range:

The Cascade Mountain Range

Mount Bachelor
Mt. Hood

Blow Lake — Near the Six Lakes Trail Head
Blow Lake, Next to Six Lakes Trail

Devils Lake

Devil’s Lake, Bend, OR

Me at Devil’s Lake

Me at Devil’s Lake

Can’t remember the name of this mountain, but it is my favorite in the range…..Cascades Mountain Range

My cousin and his family showed me a fantastic time, and a way of living that I was not sure existed….it proves that you can have a balance between work and family and being active. I had so much fun, and I give thanks to my cousin and his family for allowing me to experience the beauty and fun activity in Bend! Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and short overview on Bend, Oregon! I would highly recommend visiting there, as I have yet to find a place on earth quite like it. Visit, talk to the people, and I guarantee you will love it.

another view of the Deschutesanother view of Devil’s LakeWhat the Trail signs look like…view1_web.jpg

My Rant on the Michigan State Legislature’s Looming Shutdown

I am writing today because I am absolutely fed up with the entire Legislature of the State of Michigan. I am not just talking about Governor Jennifer Granholm, but also about EVERY single Republican, Democrat, and Independent who sits on the State Congress. It is outrageous to me that none of you people can put aside your absolutely petty and asinine partisan issues and settle this so that the people of this state will not suffer for your ignorance and mismanagement.

Michigan has suffered for years from mismanagement at every level. We are a state that effectively has a “last one out, please turn out the lights” (thanks, mom) sign as you leave our borders. Why is that? Simple: instead of following the lead of past generations and looking FORWARD in terms of manufacturing, industry, and developing technology, we have sat back and allowed industry (i.e. auto industry) that refuses to see what is going on around the world (i.e. global warming) to get tax breaks for doing nothing – but for least of all thinking small instead of looking large. It is a disgrace. Governor Granholm says that she has brought new technology industry to the state – true, Google did open up an office in Ann Arbor. Congratulations. One company, bringing how many jobs here? 100? 200? I have no idea how many it actually brought with it, but unless it is over 1,000, I have news for you: BIG DEAL. We are hemorrhaging people; Wyoming is drawing our young people — yes, that is right WYOMING. What? Are you kidding me? Heck, I am even considering leaving. I freelance, and that is considered a small business here…do you have any idea what rate I will be taxed at this year as a small business person? It is obscene.

I figure it this way: for every fire that burns out of control, for every person who calls 911 and gets slow service (some of whom will probably suffer dearly for it), and for every person who needs a service this state is supposed to provide – I hold each and every one of you responsible. You should be ashamed of yourselves — I know only that I am ashamed of each of you.

Oh, and one more thing — I guarantee you this: I will not vote for any of you who now occupy the seats that you do. I am done with each of you. I will not allow you to represent me any more. Hopefully my fellow constituents will do the same.

Shape up, or please – turn out the lights on YOUR way out.