Palin made my decision easy… Thanks!

Well, between Rudy Giuliani and Palin last night….I am definitely voting Democrat.  Giuliani was outrageous…I liked him better when he WAS mayor of NY.

Back to the main reason that my decision was made easy: Palin.  Wow.  I actually only watched pieces because she was so horrible.  I am not talking about her public speaking capabilities, but she was all attack-attack, and no substance.  I know she fired up the Republican party, but as an Independent, she turned me off of the Republican party for quite some time.  She just turned me off to the point where I was just sitting on my couch with an “O” on my face….what a shame, she had a true chance to make some in-roads.

My vote will be for Obama.  I hope the majority of my fellow Americans join me.