Obama: DNC….upcoming RNC

Ok, so I know I am doing this backwards, but it’s been a really busy day and I was more disappointed/irritated about McCain then I was excited about the convention and Obama’s speech last night….bummer that.

I have to say that with the US Open on, I was NOT expecting to watch the DNC.  They are usually so boring (not as bad as the RNC, but bad enough).  I am, however, very glad that I did watch.  The atmosphere made me smile, Obama’s speech gave me hope, it made me want to believe that we can have friends in the world again.  Bush has me in such a place that I feel like I have to apologize to my international friends whenever we talk because of his remarks, self-presentation, and asinine actions that cause us all (or most of us) to wince regularly.  I love my country, but he takes it to a place I find .. upsetting.

ANYWAY!  Obama spoke to things I was hoping he would, hitting back at McCain on so many things that have gone unanswered…the part about McCain and Osama Bin Laden (following him to hell, but not to the cave he lives in) was awesome!  He makes me juiced about being an American…the first African American President?  How about the first President since Kennedy to speak to throngs like a preacher and make them believe in a better place.  Clinton was good…Obama is great.  McCain can’t even come close to matching him for inspirational, he does not have the presence, and he comes across as frail, and his wife…well, she never talks!  I wish she would get on CNN and let someone see who she actually is instead of standing there smiling and waving.

Michelle Obama, when I first saw her, did scare me a little.  She is a really strong presence, and not at all the soft stay-at-home mom type we are used to being in office.  However, having seen her in interviews in recent days, she is really growing on me.  I think she is the type of first lady that we need, like Eleanor Roosevelt…someone our children may be able to look up to and see what a woman can do.

Great DNC, the RNC has no hope of attracting the 38million that the DNC did…I know that i will probably only watch to see McCain’s VP (whose name I still don’t remember, and refuse to look up, but it begins with a P….) speak.  Per my post a few minutes ago about her, I don’t know enough, but I want to….if for no other reason then she may actually turn out to be interesting.  We will see if after her speech I am able to remember her name….

Bring on November baby!!!


Election 2008: McCain chose who?

Ok, so as an independent I am used to being confused by the politicians in Washington…let’s face it, they often make absolutely no sense and can rarely back up their reasons for why they do things to a standard that an 8th grade teacher would accept from a 14 year old.  But I digress….

So today was supposed to be a half day for me, because of the weekend, but I took off all of next week so I had not choice but to work most of the day to put everything together for next week. So, I get home and I turn on the news — to find out that John McCain has chosen some random governor of Alaska to be his running mate. Huh?

So I sit down to watch, and what I expected to happen happened – McCain supporters getting on TV to say their piece, and anchors who don’t know what to do with the responses given by McCain staffers.  Every single one of them said something to the effect that this woman, who has only been in the governors position 2 years, and before that was a mayor of a 8,000 strong city (?) in Alaska is going to be the next VP…possibly….this is the person that the 70 some year old McCain thinks I want to run things if he falls ill?  COME ON!  Up until now, I have honestly been going back and forth (more away then for McCain, granted).  As an independent I have voted for a variety of politicians between the two parties……..but I am so completely dumbfounded by this move that I don’t know what to do.

Negative(s):  She’s anti-abortion rights….not a thing in her favor for me.  I have no idea how she stands on gay rights.  Big oil she seems to have stuck it to, but she is for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife…   I am for gun rights, but not full freedom, and there was this pic of her with a rifle…I don’t like to see kids with guns, and it does bother me to see her with one, I hate to say that, but there it is (I have no explanation for it, maybe because I expect more of someone put in the position she is in? Meh..moving on!).  Oh yeah, she is embroiled in some kind of scandal that involves her ex brother in law and getting him fired?  I don’t know enough on that, but living in Detroit, I’m fed up with that kind of BS.

Positive(s): She is a woman.  I’m so glad to see a woman on the ticket, but with her views stated above, she’s not my kind of female politician.  Hillary was sort of, but not 100 percent.  What is her name?  I have to try to remember that….She has had service experience…She is a good public speaker.  Unfortunately, none of these are particularly astounding traits, her negatives so far far out weigh her positives.

Synopsis: Senator McCain – you have a lot of work to do to prove to me as a single 30 year old professional woman that you are going to do something for me when you get there.  I am now about 90 percent sure i am going to vote for Obama.  Your decision making capabilities have been called into question for me over the last 8 years many times, big.  Your “Bush” stance on Iraq is stupidity incarnate….your flip flopping makes me ill.  I wish you were the man that I voted for in 2000 when you ran for President.  If you were, there would be no contest, but you have changed during the Bush years – in fact if it was not for who you were in 2000 you would not even be in the running for my vote

I wish you would have stuck to your guns Senator McCain, I liked you better BB (Before Bush), when you had a backbone and a sense of what was right for this country.

Disappointed but resolute,