My Vegan Journey to Enlightenment Begins…

Last month, the week AFTER my 33rd birthday, I decided to begin a new adventure: that of becoming a vegan.

It is something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time – several of my friends have long been vegetarians, two of whom are now Vegans. My mom sent me a gift – the Alicia Silverstone book “the Kind Life”…I have to honestly say, and yes it sounds sort of ridiculous, but it changed my outlook on life. I was mocked on a diet website for thinking the book was insightful – and to those who are detractors of hers I say – read it before you judge. She has put herself and her beliefs out there to help people, and I for one am extremely grateful…..but I am not doing it because I want to follow the crowd. I am doing it as an experiment for myself.

I have many dietary issues it seems like – I feel like for the last several years nary a day goes by that I do not become uncomfortable or ill-use after having a meal. Meat and other animal related products have long been a huge part of my diet, but they make me feel like crap.

Additionally, I’ve been having odd occurrences…like I ate about a pound of almonds over a couple of days (maybe a week) and ended up looking like a porcupine…but I’ve tested negative for nut allergies. It’s called “sensitivity”. Whatever, it’s irritating.

So my mom came to visit for my birthday…and we’ve been pretty much cutting out all meat and animal related products save a couple: parmesan cheese, ranch dressing thus far are proving to be the most difficult…that and white sugar (aka the DEVIL).

What I am finding after about two weeks: when I eat white sugar, I get sick…it SUCKS. Furthermore, I am not getting sick after eating…I mean at all!! It’s so exciting! So far we are experimenting with things like Miso, Seitan, meatless crumble, soy ice cream and coconut ice cream (and bars – yum!). I don’t feel like I am being deprived. In fact, I feel better than I have in a really long time.

If it continues like this – I can’t imagine ever missing meat or any other animal related products (save the parmesan and ranch…working on those two!!).

Stay tuned 🙂

My Rant on the Michigan State Legislature’s Looming Shutdown

I am writing today because I am absolutely fed up with the entire Legislature of the State of Michigan. I am not just talking about Governor Jennifer Granholm, but also about EVERY single Republican, Democrat, and Independent who sits on the State Congress. It is outrageous to me that none of you people can put aside your absolutely petty and asinine partisan issues and settle this so that the people of this state will not suffer for your ignorance and mismanagement.

Michigan has suffered for years from mismanagement at every level. We are a state that effectively has a “last one out, please turn out the lights” (thanks, mom) sign as you leave our borders. Why is that? Simple: instead of following the lead of past generations and looking FORWARD in terms of manufacturing, industry, and developing technology, we have sat back and allowed industry (i.e. auto industry) that refuses to see what is going on around the world (i.e. global warming) to get tax breaks for doing nothing – but for least of all thinking small instead of looking large. It is a disgrace. Governor Granholm says that she has brought new technology industry to the state – true, Google did open up an office in Ann Arbor. Congratulations. One company, bringing how many jobs here? 100? 200? I have no idea how many it actually brought with it, but unless it is over 1,000, I have news for you: BIG DEAL. We are hemorrhaging people; Wyoming is drawing our young people — yes, that is right WYOMING. What? Are you kidding me? Heck, I am even considering leaving. I freelance, and that is considered a small business here…do you have any idea what rate I will be taxed at this year as a small business person? It is obscene.

I figure it this way: for every fire that burns out of control, for every person who calls 911 and gets slow service (some of whom will probably suffer dearly for it), and for every person who needs a service this state is supposed to provide – I hold each and every one of you responsible. You should be ashamed of yourselves — I know only that I am ashamed of each of you.

Oh, and one more thing — I guarantee you this: I will not vote for any of you who now occupy the seats that you do. I am done with each of you. I will not allow you to represent me any more. Hopefully my fellow constituents will do the same.

Shape up, or please – turn out the lights on YOUR way out.