Michele Bachmann…or is it Sarah Palin?

Maybe it’s just me, but Michelle Bachmann really is reminding me of Sarah Palin.  I’m just waiting for her to say she can see Canada from her backyard (in Minnesota).

Look, i know that Obama has disappointed many of us, me included. I’m not thrilled with his wishy washy views on same sex marriage, nor on his less than stellar implementation of a good idea in universal health care…i will never understand the need he and his administration had to push that through without really taking the time to sell it and to make sure it fit for the average American. Why is working together so hard?

So, does it make me happy that another woman is in the running for President? Absolutely.  Someday I hope there is one up for the position that I can fully support without having to caveat it to death (love ya Hillary, but…).  We can all have a dream!

I am sure I am not the first person to make this comparison, nor will I be the last, but as i sat here watching the evening news listening to her taut her titanium spine, I am left with a cold feeling. Heaven help us if one of these two get into office…I’m going to start stockpiling like my friend tells me I should 🙂

20 Things I’ll never understand…Part 1 :)

Ok, so we all know there are things you’ll never understand….Paris Hilton, why on earth people eat toilet paper or their couch and don’t think anything is wrong with themselves…Sarah Palin. You get the picture.  Well, for me here is a not-so-comprehensive list that I just feel the need to get on paper tonight after some pretty stupid local news stories that made me want to stop watching news (again…) and will probably succeed!  here we go:

  1. Why people watched Jerry Springer for so long
  2. How on God’s green earth Jersey Shore came to being
  3. Why Firefly was taken off the air…and Farscape too for that matter
  4. That Coconut milk ice cream doesn’t really seem to melt appropriately.  Doesn’t stop me from eating it (vegan, remember), but sort of disturbs me.
  5. How people can actually enjoy doing dishes.
  6. Sarah Palin and her rise to “fame” or is it infamy? Time will tell I suppose.
  7. The need to develop a widget just because…sigh. Story of my life.
  8. People who think the easiest way is the best way – like using tables to develop a site
  9. Music or videos that autoplay – Ack! Or worse…have NO controls for you to stop the insanity
  10. Why people insist that Flash intros are the way to go
  11. Rich media ads that automatically expand when you got to a page (ESPNCNN – I’m talking to you!)
  12. Why Microsoft had to buy Skype – I’m terrified of what it is going to become…
  13. Why people think putting EVERYTHING on their homepage is a must. Seriously people, less is more.
  14. Anderson Coopers hair – is it real, really? Doubtful
  15. Fox News (even typing it made me throw up a little…)
  16. Men
  17. How someone could think remaking “buffy” (tv version) without Geller and Whedon would EVER fly
  18. Why Sookie makes money on being…herself
  19. Why we can’t take after CBC and have some positive nationwide news more often – so depressing (tied to above, i know)
  20. The Tea Party – really? The fact that my friend referred to them as TP (which made me think of toilet paper) really only ads to this
While this is not an exhaustive list, it is only an installment, I am sure there will be more.  What are some things you’ll never understand! Inquiring minds want to know!  Bring it.

Palin – Could not handle Gibson, Couric…can she really handle the world?

Holy Mary…I feel like I need to start praying more than usual.  If you have ever read anything on my blog before, you know I am not a Palin fan…but wow.  She’s gotten to the point of embarrassment with some of her answers given in two interviews – two of the three she has given (pathetic in and of itself).

Katie Couric?  Gibson?  Ok, so as a person who wants to be a possible Commander in Chief of the USA…she can’t even handle answering pathetic questions like these?  She’s been to Canada!  Mexico! OOOooOO!  I’ve been to more places than she has. Please.  She is near Russia!  Even better!  Come on…

A person who can’t handle interviews from two of the least intimidating anchors on TV is not the person that I would ever put in a position to take over command of the US.  I read an article that said she had a 1/5 chance of becoming President due to McCain’s age and health…YIKES.

YOU CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM ALASKA – This is NOT a basis of International experience woman.  Get a life.

Palin made my decision easy… Thanks!

Well, between Rudy Giuliani and Palin last night….I am definitely voting Democrat.  Giuliani was outrageous…I liked him better when he WAS mayor of NY.

Back to the main reason that my decision was made easy: Palin.  Wow.  I actually only watched pieces because she was so horrible.  I am not talking about her public speaking capabilities, but she was all attack-attack, and no substance.  I know she fired up the Republican party, but as an Independent, she turned me off of the Republican party for quite some time.  She just turned me off to the point where I was just sitting on my couch with an “O” on my face….what a shame, she had a true chance to make some in-roads.

My vote will be for Obama.  I hope the majority of my fellow Americans join me.